#3 in Sight & Sound’s Films of 2014

Lost Intervals, Doomed and Waiting Souls: Pedro Costa’s HORSE MONEY by Jonathan Rosenbaum

"Horse Money is film poetry of an altogether higher order… One of 2015's essential film releases" David Jenkins, Little White Lies

"Elliptical and mysterious; best to let the film’s mesmerizing tableaux descend upon you in the dreamy darkness, then sift its haunting memories for precise meaning in the hours, days and weeks that follow" Mark Kermode, The Observer

"This is a film of rough and rigorous poetry" (5 stars) Danny Leigh, Financial Times

"A beautiful and grotesque evocation of repressed cultural memory... One of the most impressive accomplishments of Costa's career" Jordan Cronk, Little White Lies

Costa has again made a singular docu-fiction hybrid that defies classification as readily as it reimagines the possibilities of cinema
Scott Foundas, Variety

"I could go on rhapsodizing about the wonders of Horse Money, which becomes more alluring and impressive with every viewing"
Film Comment

"A haunting, poetic exploration of the night and Portuguese history" LFF

"A visual and poetical treat... rare and challenging" Screen Daily

"Pedro Costa reaffirms his position as one of contemporary cinema's finest filmmakers... a hypnotic masterpiece" Cine-File

"Horse Money re-invents both the world and its moral prerogatives" Jonathan Rosenbaum - Films of the Year

"A singular and deeply resonant work that finds a mesmerising poetry amidst the chiaroscuro rubble of post-colonial Portugal... eloquent, mythical and sublime" CineVue

"A cinematic tone poem... Horse Money casts a spell that's impossible to shake" Indiewire

Horse Money is yet another masterpiece from one of the world's greatest film artists Toronto International Film Festival

"A great and piercingly beautiful work of cinema" Film Society of Lincoln Center

"A phantasmagorical vision of psychological purgatory, Horse Money will enrapture... as sinister as anything from David Lynch or Costa's beloved Jacques Tourneur" The Hollywood Reporter

"A monumental achievement" CineVue

"Tremendously evocative and inherently enchanting, Horse Money is one of the year’s most profound films" The Playlist

"Somewhere between Rembrandt and Eraserhead, dominated by shades of brown and gray, the film’s pristine HD cinematography conjures a dark night-world of shadows, hulking forms and sculpted faces that’s as visually alluring as it is psychologically resonant"

"A film of profound singularity. Horse Money appeals to esoteric tastes, and it leaves a veracious impression, a breath of beauty as impermanent and illusory as a fading dream" Sound on Sight

“It’s rare to see a film this haunting and this haunted… Horse Money is an inspired reminder that politically rooted cinema needn’t just inhabit the realm of the strictly real; it can have an unconscious too, a dream dimension haunted by ghosts“ Jonathan Romney, Film Comment

"The puzzle-box narrative only grows more hypnotic with repeat viewings" Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times